Triangular UFO captured on film in Colombia

A recently uploaded video shows a peculiar triangular-shaped object gliding across the sky in South America.

Source: Unexplained Mysteries

The footage, which was uploaded on May 3rd by YouTube user ‘om’, shows the object – which resembles a triangular wedge shape – moving from left to right high up above the trees.

“I thought it was a kite but it flew slowly in a straight line,” the uploader wrote. “Then I realized it wasn’t a kite. It has an obvious triangular shape, if it’s not [a] UFO, what is it ?”

A short time later he elaborated further on the story behind the recording:

“I filmed this just now on top of a mountain in Colombia,” he wrote. “At first I thought it was a kite because of the shape but it’s not that windy.”

“Then it flew slowly in a straight line from East to West (or South to North).” “It was much clearer when I look especially when it was over my head, I saw it wasn’t flat shape, kind of like upside triangular pyramid.”

So what could the object be ?

One possibility is that his initial reaction – that it was a kite – might not be that unreasonable. Perhaps it is a kite that escaped and was picked up by strong winds that carried it across a large distance.

It is also important not to discount the possibility of a hoax – could the UFO be computer generated ?

Ultimately, it’s difficult to say.

You can check out the video for yourself – what do you think ?

Source: Unexplained Mysteries

David Aragorn

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