Live Alien Interview? Intelligent Disclosure

Although the UFO news is currently talking up the latest Pentagon admission of the validity of those pesky videos that were released over two years ago, they are still in the “we don’t know what these are” phase of public discourse.

Source of video: Richard Dolan

But the research of the late Leonard Stringfield shows how weak that position is. Stringfield pioneered the research of UFO crash retrievals. He made contact with countless individuals. Unlike many of today’s researchers who talk about “whistleblower” testimony, Stringfield was actually careful and professional, vetting his sources to the greatest extent possible. His cases are worth careful review.

Richard and Tracey discuss yet another incredible Stringfield case, this time an alleged one-on-one with an alien being. This was one of Stringfield’s last cases — he died in 1994. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Source of video: Richard Dolan

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