‘Air battle between two UFOs was extra-terrestrial’, claims Australian Courier reader who witnessed incident

Phil Tindale got in touch to explain how as 10-year-olds in the South Australian town of Aldgate just over 40 years ago, he and his twin brother Rob witnessed a “hostile chase between two highly advanced craft resulting in one of those craft crashing into a tree”.

Source: The Courier

The crash was reported by a third witness who was able to have a close look at the craft which resembled an “eight metre long yellow speed boat from it’s under side”.

However, by the time police arrived, the object had disappeared leaving only unexplained broken branches.

Phil contacted The Courier from Australia after reading our feature online this week about renowned Scottish UFO investigator and self-confessed UFO sceptic Malcolm Robinson who believes that aliens have almost certainly visited Tayside and Fife.

Like Malcolm, Phil has concluded 95% of UFO sightings are explainable by “natural identifiable solutions”.

However, he also takes the view that 5% fall into the unexplained category.

Four decades on from his own experience, Phil says he is “100%” convinced what he saw was extra-terrestrial, and not military.

“I had no real perspective on the UFO phenomenon, both in terms of scale or significance until the internet came about,” said Phil, who only recently began a process of sharing his information in order to move the conversation beyond the “believe it or not” debate.

“It wasn’t until I made contact with other witnesses and researched other peoples’ reports that I realised these visitations are significant and very relevant to us.

A drawing by Phil of what farmhand Daryl saw

“This realisation is what prompted me to begin talking about it.”

Phil explained how the incident unfolded at 9.30pm on Thursday February 7, 1980.

His brother Rob called out from his bedroom, and, looking down the valley to the south-east of Adelaide, the then boys saw a bright yellow object “bobbing around” just above the tree line, about 1km away.

After a few minutes, a second, slightly larger object appeared emitting a red light. In what he describes as almost cartoon-like motion, it “zoomed up” to the yellow object, stopped and reversed, then did it again “as if to prompt a reaction”.

The yellow object then “took off” with the red object in pursuit before zigzagging across the sky like two “blowflies”. They watched for around 15 minutes.

Aldgate, Australia

The same night, a local farmhand, 21-year-old Daryl Browne, reported seeing a “speedboat-shaped yellow thing” like a “half-moon” crash into some trees near the horse farm where he worked — in the exact area where the brothers last saw the object.

Phil added: “I have no doubt that we are being visited, both from my own experience and speaking with others. Many sightings do have earthly explanations.

“Unfortunately these reports often muddy the water and make it difficult for investigators to piece this puzzle together.

“I suppose that it is clear to me that this technology is well beyond our own capabilities. Even if sceptics are not satisfied, the experience demonstrated to me that something beyond our own intelligence is visiting Earth. The extra-terrestrial hypothesis seems a very likely fit.”

Source: The Courier

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