UFO enthusiasts revisit site of mysterious glowing object in Ebenezer, P.E.I.

UFO enthusiasts revisit site of mysterious glowing object in Ebenezer, P.E.I.

What fell out of the sky on Aug. 22, 1990, is still a mystery to some

Source: CBC News

Dave Ross and a few other UFO enthusiasts packed up a drone and metal detector last Sunday and went exploring in a farmer’s field in Ebenezer, P.E.I.

The day before, Aug. 22, marked 30 years since witnesses reported an unidentified glowing object that landed in that same field.

Ross didn’t necessarily expect to find anything three decades later, but he couldn’t resist the temptation to at least take a look.

So he contacted the woman who still owns the property to see if she’d mind. 

“She said, ‘Yeah, sure, go have a look.’ She said: ‘If you find any treasure, be sure to let me know.'”

We can’t be the only like, you know, species in this whole universe.

— Dave Ross

According to Chris Rutkowsky, the chief researcher with Ufology Research, a hobbyist group based in Winnipeg that documents and analyzes Canadian UFO sightings, there were several sightings of strange objects in the sky the night of Aug. 22, 1990. Witnesses described a white object that looked like a large ice cream cone falling from the sky near Ebenezer, and continuing to glow for about two hours after it landed. 

“RCMP confirmed that they had received more than a dozen calls about the Ebenezer object and had sent two constables to investigate. They noted that one officer could see it in the distance, but then he just lost sight of it,” Rutkowsky wrote in a 2010 blog.

Dave Ross says they didn’t find any evidence of a UFO on Sunday, but they got an ice cream in honour of the description a witness gave back in 1990. (PEI UFO INFO & other phenomena/Facebook)

Rutkowsky said military helicopters and aircraft arrived and began circling the area. A witness had told Rutkowsky years later that she saw something covered in a tarp being taken away on a flatbed truck. 

“Spurred by the possibility that the object was in fact a meteor which may have fallen, a group of 30 amateur astronomers with the Charlottetown Astronomy Club searched the area the next morning, but found nothing of interest,” Rutkowsky wrote.

NORAD and CFB Halifax insisted the UFOs were ascribable to meteors, Rutkowsky wrote. He quoted a newspaper report as saying: “Neither military agency would say if anything struck the ground.”

Thirty years later, Ross and his group found nothing of interest either, except for a few deep impressions in the ground. They took soil samples but have not had them analyzed.

“It was great, it was just so good to be in the same area where that happened,” he said.

UFO Facebook group on P.E.I.

Ross, 54, said he knows there are skeptics, but he doesn’t let that deter him. He’s been interested in UFOs since he began reading books about crop circles as a teenager growing up in Charlottetown.

“People say like, you know, ‘UFOs? You’re kind of crazy’ kind of deal, but I knew that there were other people out there that had the same interest as me.”

The group took soil samples, but didn’t find anything of interest except a few deep impressions in the ground. (Submitted by Dave Ross)

He recently started a Facebook page for UFO enthusiasts, which has more than 300 members. As well as UFOs, they share stories about other paranormal topics such as Bigfoot, mysterious underwater objects and, of course, other P.E.I. sightings.

Ross said he wants to know more about an object that landed in Conway in the late 1960s, and the bright flashing light over the water a camper reported in 2014 at Twin Shores campground near Kensington.

“I’m a believer,” he said.

“We can’t be the only like, you know, species in this whole universe. And people have all these different sightings — credible people, not just crazy, nutty people but actual credible people had sightings — so there’s got to be something different out there and I’d just like to find out if there is or not.”

Source: CBC News

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