The Harmonic Concordance of 2003, Revisited! And Contact with Higher Intelligance Part VI!

The Harmonic Concordance of 2003, Revisited! And Contact with Higher Intelligance Part VI!

with Johnny and Jan Mirehiel, Phil Gruber, Anne Smith and very special guests!

In 1998, in the wake of an interstellar event of enormous magnitude (the explosion of a giant magnetar, an extremely dense neutron star) Johnny Mirehiel, under Angelic guidance, cast out a line, astrologically-speaking, into the future…to literally ‘surf the future’, looking for special patterns forming in the heavens.

“Actually, I had just gotten hold of a new piece of atrological software and it gave me the ability, not only to surf future dates, but also to ‘day step’ through the future.  On the early morning of August 28th, 1998, I was searching for something specific: the future occurence(s) of a planetery pattern called the ‘Mystic Rectangle’.”

At that moment, he never imagined he would soon discover a future celestial event whose profound implications and effects still echo today.

Gazing through a window in space-time, an astronomical configuration was caught and crystallized in timelessness, in consciousness: a near-perfect Grand Sextile (Star of David) which coincided with a full lunar eclipse. 

The chart of that event was dubbed “The Harmonic Concordance”.

As a result of a collective vision of peace, fellowship and the expansion of consciousness, by the time of the Harmonic Concordance (November 8th/9th, 2003), it is estimated that upwards of 14 million souls were united in ceremony…a true global event!

In this webinar, people whose lives were forever altered as a result of the expansion of consciousness the Concordance initiated will share their experiences.  We will also discuss the Grand Quintiles of 2004, as well as the shape of things to come.

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Please join Phil Gruber, Alan Steinfeld and another (inter)stellar lineup for Part VI of this popular and highly informative series of webinars.

We all know, or sense, that we’re living in the midst of profound changes.  How can we not?

We’re all being asked to more clearly define the roles we are going to take, in, not only our own spiritual evolution, but that of our planet itself, and it’s role as a portal to myriad levels of existence in many mansion worlds.

There are deeper truths regarding the contact experence that must now be revealed so that we can make educated, informed and consentual choices as to how we position ourselves in regard to what is transpiring on our planet at the moment.

We need to know who is making contact, and for what purpose(s).

We need to know why contactees are chosen.

We need to know the agendas of visitor races.

And perhaps most of all, we need to know the true history and genetic lineages of our race, for it is in that knowledge that we will re-discover not only the truth regarding contact, but the purpose of our creation,  and our reason for being.

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David Aragorn

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