What’s Going On At Area 51?

What’s Going On At Area 51?

Case 111909: Bruce [last name withheld], a current or former member of the US military, apparently makes routine visits to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) properties around Area 51, on Highway 375, Lincoln County, Nevada.

Source: MUFON

On that night, Bruce took a series of photographs and videos of the activity over Area 51. At 7:29 PM Bruce recorded a “stationary object” that descended and then hovered for a duration of approximately two minutes and 15 seconds. Later, this was followed by a series of eight objects flying simultaneously in the same direction. In one 13 second, time exposure, the eight objects can be seen with an apparently pulsating, reddish-orange trail . According to Bruce, he observed other colors besides the reddish-orange and yellow-orange lights. These colors included green, greenish-white, blueish-white and blue-green. In the official MUFON report, Bruce stated that the objects “wobbled”, that there was no sound and apparently no visible emissions. He estimated that the objects were all at approximately the same 10° above the horizon. Bruce’s conclusion was that these were “drones”. 

The following is the witness’ description of his sightings: 

“On Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020 at 7:29 pm, it was a Moonless night with light winds, but later they picked up. I recorded many craft flying over Area 51, with my Canon T6. I use longer-time exposures (13 seconds; 95 mm/300 mm) and occasionally video since this camera has a 300 mm zoom. I am unsure, but I think I zoomed into 300 mm to get the video shot and then focused it better. I suspect the 8 craft I caught flying over Area 51 were drones. I also have images of them. I saw a stationary object that appeared to be a drone coming down (digital image 531) and then hovering (video 0532). I then went from long-time exposures to video and recorded this UFO for about 2 minutes and 15 seconds. At the 2 minute mark, it turned off its lights and never came back. This video shows the craft hovering although it sometimes appears [as] two crafts. From [the] Black Mail Box looking straight ahead [in] a SW direction, it’s over Area 51. I also witnessed two white explosions behind the Area 51 mountain range. No sound was heard. It doesn’t appear I have caught them on my files. I stayed a little bit longer, but the wind picked up, the exercises stopped or paused at Area 51, and it was impossible to get a good steady shot in complete darkness 14 miles away. 

“A late model [Chevrolet] car pulled up to the Black Mail Box after I was just about done. I waited for the person to get out. They never did. I left and went home early that night. You just can’t shoot anything reliable under those conditions. It seemed like Area 51 closed down when the high winds came in. I also re-established [?] the Black Mail Box in June 2019. So far, it’s still there. That was a Thursday night. It may appear on “Bob Lazar Night”, which is Wednesdays. That night may have moved to Thursdays, because I have shot nothing on Wednesdays in [the] last few months. I drive 240 miles round trip every other week to catch a glimpse of what’s going on out there.”


The 13-second time exposure (directly above) shows the trail of eight, straight trajectory, reddish-orange, pulsing lights. Each object is shown with a light-blue dot above it (to ease locating the faint series of lights). This was apparently taken with Bruce’s 95 mm lens. All images were taken from the Black Mail Box near Highway 375 (the “Extraterrestrial Highway”). Could these be civilian drones? Not likely. The entire region around Area 51 is a restricted, air space (i.e. a “no fly zone”). If they’re drones, they’re US military, not civilian.

What does Bruce mean by “Bob Lazar Night”? I first met Bob Lazar in the early 1990s, and when I asked how I could to see these craft being tested, he told me to go out there on Wednesday nights no later than 8 PM. Lazar explained that the craft were tested on Wednesday nights since it was on Wednesdays that the traffic was lightest on 375. It was, of course, also the night that is most difficult for most working people to “see the evening show”.

Case Disposition: Assigned (to a MUFON Field Investigator) This case is under investigation by MUFON and does not yet have a determination as to its authenticity.

As a bit of pure speculation on my part: the green and blue colors are likely to be the crafts’ exterior lights only and that the reddish-orange-yellow colors are an artifact of the propulsion systems. In the 1990s, the only colors that I ever witnessed were reddish-orange. See below. 

Photograph courtesy of William F. Hamilton III,Cosmic Top Secret: America’s Secret UFO Program – New Evidence, Inner Light, 2002.

If you place any value on rumors, most of the development and testing work formerly performed at the S4 facility are now located southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, on the Great Salt Lake Desert. If you would like to visit the BLM land outside Area 51, I would suggest that you go with a partner for your own safety. An alternative is to attend the Area 51 Tour that will be offered in July at the 2021 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas.  

Source: MUFON

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